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by - Friday, January 06, 2012

   I made marshmallows after so so long! I'll tell you why. Earlier when I used to make them, they never really turned out all nice and fluffy like they're supposed to, that's because I'm too lazy to actually beat them too hard..its a lot of hard work, you know! And so, I waited for the perfect day to buy myself one of those electric whisks..I had my eyes set on a KitchenAid, but who was i kidding?! A KitchenAid easily available in India?? Well, lets just hope that happens soon. But yeah, I finally got my Mumma to buy me a Philips Hand Whisk! And now I've finally put it to some good use! I made some OH-SO-FLUFFY, MELT-IN-THE-MOUTH MARSHMALLOWS. These clouds of heaven are sure to take you to Marshmallow Heaven! 


  You need just four ingredients to make the marshmallows! And its so very easy to make them. Also, you don't even need to use a candy thermometer. Just carefully observe while the sugar melts or else what you could also do is, take a small bowl and fill it with some cold water, just when the sugar melts, take a little of the syrup and drop it into the bowl of water. Collect the syrup into a ball in the cold water; if it holds its shape and is soft, the syrup is ready to be taken off the heat. In case it's hard, then it means that you've overcooked the syrup and if it doesn't form a ball and just falls away, it would mean that you need to cook the sugar a bit longer. But keep checking after 10 seconds and don't let the sugar overcook. Just be very observant!


400 g caster sugar                                                  

157 ml light corn syrup

125 ml cold water                                                                     
62 ml water
21 g unflavoured gelatin
1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla extract (or any other flavour) 
150 g confectioner's sugar


1)  Pour the cold water into the unflavoured gelatin and let it rest for about 10 minutes. The gelatin will 'bloom' during this period.

This is how the gelatin will look once bloomed. (Mine kinda has a smiley face:)! )

 2) Combine the caster sugar, light corn syrup and water in a saucepan and melt the sugar over medium heat until the soft-ball stage is reached. (235-243 degrees on a candy thermometer, if not using, OBSERVE!) Do not stir.

3) Pour the sugar syrup onto the bloomed gelatin in a thin stream and whisk on low speed. Add the vanilla extract and salt. Gradually increase the speed to high and beat until the mixture is shiny, thick and forms peaks.

4) Line a tray with parchment and sift some powdered sugar over the surface of the parchment, make sure you cover all the corners.

5) Pour the marshmallow fluff onto the tray. You might need an off set spatula to smooth the top of the marshmallow. Sift some powdered sugar on the marshmallow as well, ensuring that the entire surface is covered. Refrigerate the marshmallow overnight.

6) Keep the powdered sugar handy as you will now need it. Take the marshmallow out of the tray by carefully peeling the parchment away; this might get really sticky and you might even need to take the help of a knife.

7) Cut the marshmallow into strips and then cubes using kitchen shears or a knife (either lightly sprayed with a non stick cooking spray or dusted with powdered sugar).

8) Roll the marshmallows into the powdered sugar as soon as you cut them into cubes so as to avoid them sticking together.

9) Store in an air tight container.


Hope you enjoy making the marshmallows! And let me know how they turn out.

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  1. Marshmallows!

    I want a handful to top my hot chocolate with. :)

    1. Thank you for stopping by Shaheen!
      Sure, you'll get some when you're in India. :)

  2. These look like little clouds! I want one! :)

  3. Hi, can you tell me where to find corn syrup, or what to substitute in place of corn syrup?

    1. Hey Caterpillar,
      You could buy corn syrup at Crawford Market, Mumbai. There are a couple substitutes for corn syrup, but I'm not sure they'll work with marshmallows (Haven't ever tried.)
      Apologizes for the late reply! :)

      Hope you keep coming back :D